Misys networks adds AFPC & MAQ learning material to its website

mi-learning is a special distance learning website area for Misys network members. The new material is available now to members of the Kestrel, IFA and Financial Options networks and will be made available to Countrywide and DBS members shortly.

All training modules are available to members at a 50% discount to the standard price and can be ordered online using a credit or debit card.

Mortgage Advice Qualification (MAQ).With new mortgage regulation demanding formal qualification by the end of this year the material is a very timely addition to the mi-learning site. The software includes a tutorial style program designed to teach the subject by covering the syllabus in depth

together with a revision/assessment program that can be used in either 'revise' or 'exam' mode. Members select from 5 pre-set revision tests and

receive feedback on overall knowledge gaps. MAQ software would normally cost £40 but is available to Misys network members buying online at just £20.

Advanced Financial Planning Certificate (AFPC).The AFPC package contains case studies for G10, G20, G30 & G60. These have been designed to form a bridge between the course-book and examinations. Features include practice

calculations, hints and solutions, help screens and look-up tables for tax rates. A multiple-choice testing program with 100 questions across all four subjects is also included. This can be used as a revision aid and to

identify gaps in knowledge or understanding.AFPC software would normally cost £50 per module but when purchased online through Misys network websites it costs just £25 per module.

Andy Young, Head of Misys Mortgage Services said: "It is vitally important we do all we can to help ensure our members are suitably qualified to carry on giving mortgage advice in 2003. This heavily discounted MAQ learning

material, along with all the existing mortgage code support we provide including free MAQ training workshops, are typical examples of the benefits of belonging to Misys network ."

Andrew Oliver, Misys network Head of Marketing said: "The addition of this new courseware marks a further stage in the development of mi-learning as a comprehensive e-learning platform to help our members enhance their

knowledge and access support in obtaining professional qualifications."