MI brokers positive on market

Some 120 delegates including representatives from lenders and protection providers are attending the network annual conference today at Celtic Manor, the luxry golf resort in South Wales.

Andy Smith, a mortgage adviser with Next Step Mortgages in Kent, said: “There’s business to be done and lenders that want to do it, it’s just about knowing where to put it."

He added: “We have to combat the message that’s being put out there by people who don’t know enough about the market that it’s impossible to get a mortgage. That’s simply not the case.”

Sally Laker, managing director of Mortgage Intelligence, said today’s event was designed to give brokers better access to lenders so they could get a better understanding of how to do business that didn’t fit vanilla criteria.

She said: “We decided to do some speed dating sessions this morning so our brokers could spend 15 minutes one to one with the lenders they wanted and we’ve been surprised by how popular they’ve been.

“For lenders such as Aldermore and some of the building societies brokers really value being able to ask them directly what sort of business they do and want to see submitted.”

And she added: “We’ve been very pleased at the turnout and pleasantly surprised by the positivity of brokers given the tough times the economy is still going through.”

Lenders including Aldermore, Halifax for Intermediaries, BM Solutions, Northern Rock, The Mortgage Works and Woolwich are supporting the event and will address delegates during the afternoon Q&A session.