Metro 2-year fix at 1.99pc

For residential mortgages over £1.5 million a 2-year tracker at 70% LTV is priced at 2.39% and on buy-to-let there is a 65% LTV 2-year fixed rate at 2.89%, a 75%LTV 2-year tracker at 2.89% and a 65%LTV 5-year fixed rate at 3.59%.

For buy-to-let mortgages over £1 million the 2-year tracker rate at 75% LTV is 2.89%.

A spokesman said: “Metro Bank is committed to offering the best in service and convenience to its customers. The bank underwrites mortgage applications on an individual basis to ensure that customers’ personal circumstances are taken into account. New customers benefit from one single point of contact throughout the application process, and brokers can submit applications through the Metro Bank online mortgage portal. Metro Bank does not sell bank assurance or insurance, allowing it to focus entirely on servicing the customer.”