MetLife paid 56 claims a day in 2019

This is an increase of 28% from figures recorded in 2018.

MetLife paid 56 claims a day in 2019

MetLife UK paid on average 56 protection claims every working day in 2019.

The total paid in accident and health claims in 2019 was a record £11.1m with 14,730 claims paid throughout the year.

This is an increase of 28% from figures recorded in 2018.

MetLife's MultiProtect accident and hospital cover product, which complements traditional protection policies, enables individuals and families to access protection that covers everyday risks.

Adults living active lifestyles have also benefitted from the policy with 101 claims paid for the optional Active Lifestyle Cover, averaging a claim paid every two and half days.

MetLife data also shows that 88% of all UK hospitalisation claims paid related to stays in hospital due to sickness, with adult claimants spending on average six days in hospital.

MetLife researchamongst advisers shows that more than half (51%) say clients are reluctant to buy individual protection because they are concerned about claims records, whilst 56% say clients do not believe the current range of products is relevant to their everyday lives.

Stuart Lewis, head of claims at MetLife UK, said: “After a year which has seen more claims than ever before within the Individual Protection business, one of the key factors that I’d like to recognise is the integral role that advisers often play in the customer experience at the claim stage.

"Many of our customers will turn to their adviser when they need the product to deliver something for them, particularly at the time of claim.

"I am proud of the partnerships we’ve developed with advisers and that together, we can continue to deliver on our promises and pay out when our customers need it most.”