Market needs unified housing portfolio

Speaking at the myhomemove 2014 conference Broadhead said he remains cynical of the governments housing policy despite successive government’s promising to put housing “centre stage”.

At present the housing portfolio is spread between the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Treasury.

Broadhead said: "If you want to put housing centre stage you need a housing minister that sits at the centre of government.

"Currently the housing policy sits across DCLG if it's new buy or if it's Help to Buy Equity Loan it sits in the Treasury because George Osborne doesn't trust the minister to run that effectively.

"Unless you have someone that sits in the cabinet office overseeing all these different departments then you are never going to solve the problem."

During the last cabinet reshuffle the role of housing minister was downgraded to undersecretary of state level with Kris Hopkins taking over the role from Mark Prisk.

Traditionally the role of housing minister had been a minister of state level appointment.

Also speaking at the conference was Robert Sinclair, chief executive of AMI, who said that cheap housing is needed on greenfield sites to help alleviate supply stresses.

He added that if he was in charge he would change the rules pertaining to such land.