Mansfield upgrades buy-to-let range

For buy-to-let purchase its 2-year discount rate stands at 2.65% with a £199 application fee and £999 completion fee.

Two remortgage options are a 2-year 2.99% rate with a £199 application fee and £300 completion fee and also a 2.60% product with £499 in fees.

Stuart Bryce, business development manager, said: “The Mansfield is ensuring that its buy-to-let products remain at the forefront of discounted rate pricing.

“The three new mortgages are very competitively priced and aimed at being a market leading discounted rate product to offer a viable alternative to fixed rates.

“Brokers and customers are understandably cautious about potential rate rises, discounted variable rate products are linked to lenders standard variable rate and do not directly track the Bank of England Base Rate.

“At The Mansfield, we remain committed to providing a very attractive range of products in this important market.”

Customers can benefit from free legal fees and a basic valuation on both remortgage products.