M2000 becomes Brilliant

Exclusive Connections, the financial services and lending platform which acquired M2000 mortgage club in February, currently has a loans subsidiary called Brilliant Loans. It has decided that changing the name of M2000 to a recognisable brand within the group was the best way of continuing a logical restructuring of the business, while providing a strong platform for its newly acquired mortgage club.

Matthew Arena, managing director of Exclusive Connections commented: “We are delighted to announce the change of name for the mortgage club to Brilliant Mortgages, as it better encapsulates the integration of our existing lending panel arrangements along with the relationships that already existed under the old club. Packaged business will still be accessed through Exclusive Connections. The name change for the mortgage club has been well received by EC members, lenders and mortgage club users.”

He added “Through the new Brilliant Mortgages and our secured loans specialist, Brilliant Loans, together with packaging for the specialist lenders via Exclusive Connections, we really do offer a complete service to any intermediary wanting to transact any kind of mortgage or secured loan business. While it is unfortunate to see news of so many packagers and networks closing, intermediaries can be sure that Exclusive Connections and its Brilliant Mortgages and Brilliant Loans subsidiaries will be a stable presence during these uncertain times.”