Luca Bertalot replaces Annik Lambert at EMF

She is to be succeeded by Luca Bertalot, who takes up the role of secretary general with immediate effect. He was formerly the deputy secretary general of the EMF having joined in 2006.

Lambert has been secretary general of the EMF since 2005 after joining in 1992 as head of legal affairs.

Commenting, the EMF president, Antonio José Béjar González, said: "We are sorry to see Annik leave the EMF after so many years, but we wish her every success in her future plans.

“On behalf of all EMF members, we thank Annik for what has been an outstanding contribution to the EU mortgage lending industry over many years, and especially over the turbulent period of the recent financial crisis and its aftermath.

“However, we are delighted to be able to announce Luca Bertalot as Annik’s successor. With Luca’s breadth of knowledge and experience of the industry, and keenness to take on this role, we are confident that he has the skills to drive the EMF forward and face head-on the challenges of the new regulatory environment.”