London & European launches Complete Wills

Accessing Complete Wills provides intermediaries with simple tool to help their clients ensure they control the distribution of their assets upon their death – particularly important if they own property.

Just one click will take them to where they simply enter their client’s contact details. A professional solicitor will then contact the client within 24 hours and a 15 minute call is all it takes to get the information required to draft the will. All the paperwork is then sent to the client to check and sign. It costs just £100 plus VAT for a single will and £150 plus VAT for a mirror will, and intermediaries can earn a £30 fee for every completed case.

All wills drafted by Complete Wills can be stored on the National Wills Register for an additional fee of £20. An interpreter service can also be provided free of charge for clients for whom English is not their first language.

Commenting on the new service, Parveen Kumari, group sales manager of London & European, said: “Over two thirds of Britons don’t have a will. There are plenty of excuses ranging from being too young to worry about it to not being able to afford it. None of them stack up. It’s quite staggering just how many of us fail to realise the trail of stress, cost and quarrels that we can leave behind for our loved ones if we do fail to make a will, let alone the risk that our entire estate may well go to the Government. The MP expense debacle has left a sour test in most mouths and I’m pretty certain that most of us would rather our estate went to Battersea Dogs Home than the Treasury.

“Having a professionally drafted will is the only way to be sure we control who gets what without any arguments when we pass away. We believe this is an important service that intermediaries can provide to their clients that doesn’t cost much and can save their loved ones a lot of pain and money in the future.”