helps save NU jobs

Alerted to the fact that Norwich Union were closing some of their business units, worked with their advisors, Baker Tilly, and Norwich Union to secure their expansion, and the futures of some of those facing compulsory redundancy at N.U’s offices in Watford and Preston.

MD Steve Hayes confirmed “Norwich Union have been very committed to finding alternative employment for their staff, and without their hard work this arrangement would not have happened. We were delighted to be able to step in and help them and their people at this difficult time. Now we can look forward to integrating them into our business and the way we do things, whilst securing the next stage of our development”.

The people who join from Norwich Union find themselves joining a winning team. Whether based at Watford or Preston, have confirmed they will not be asking anyone to relocate. Hayes continued, “Those who join from Watford will work at our existing office which is less than a mile from where they are now. Those from Preston will be based in the same offices that they currently work in”.

“There are many synergies between Norwich Union and, not least the focus that both companies have on looking after their people and the emphasis they place on customer service. I do not foresee any problems with the integration”. The people who join from the Watford office will start at in January, with their colleagues in Preston following shortly behind in April.

The move will see strengthen its position within its market, and this can only be good news for the tens of thousands of people who have relied on their service in recent months.