Loanoptions marks record year

The 2006/07 year saw a turnover of £9 million with a profit of £1.2 million.

The packager celebrated by taking 65 employees to Marbella for three days of brainstorming, ending in a barbeque.

Andy Moody, managing director of, said: “ is lucky in having a very committed workforce and after a brilliant year it was important that we were able to refocus by creating workshops to look at every facet of the business and how we could improve it for the coming year.

“It also gave us the chance to mark the contribution of our key personnel to the company’s success in 2006/7. The new business year has already presented us all with new challenges, but is well placed to help all intermediaries pick their way through the changes that are taking place in the secured loans market and provide them with the advice and fulfilment services to make their clients happy.”