LMS back to basics for intermediaries in 2005

Focusing on its packaging strengths, the group will be offering intermediaries a first class ‘service and support’ package, designed specifically to address their clients’ individual needs. This service will be essential in a regulated world, helping intermediaries to boost business levels and profitability whilst giving them the edge over their competitors.

As a packager and also a branded lender (with four lenders), LMS offers intermediaries access to a range of market-leading conforming and non-conforming products. With LMS adding value to many lenders’ traditional offerings, and having control over the entire processing, underwriting and offer phase of their branded products, their clients will be assured to receive the very highest standard of service

A member of the Professional Mortgage Packagers Associates (PMPA), LMS is also committed to promoting and adhering to an industry code of conduct, setting down best practice service standards for all PMPA members.

In the first stage of offering their clients access to their ‘service and support’ package, LMS has recently rebuilt and relaunched their website taking into account the changing needs of their clients in the post regulated world. This is one of many efforts to provide intermediaries with service solutions to improve their business. The website provides intermediaries with a number of online support tools including:

- Essential access to lenders’ KFIs

- Convenient weblinks to lenders’ websites

- Downloadable literature such as ‘decision in principle’ forms, product guides and mortgage application forms

- Practical weblinks to industry websites including Association of Mortgage Intermediaries and Financial Services Authority

- The launch of online case tracking pencilled for January 2005

- Accessed through www.lmspackaging.co.uk

Andy Linnett, Director of LMS Packaging commented;

“The way in which intermediaries run their businesses will impact on their ability to survive and prosper in an FSA compliant fashion. We believe that our first class ‘service and support’ package will make life in a regulated world a little easier and simpler for our clients as well as helping to give them the edge over their competitors.

“We are totally committed to delivering the best deal for the mortgage intermediary and, with our branded lending experience and the strength and insight we have gained through PMPA, we believe that we can do this. We look forward to working with our intermediary clients, to help them to make use of every opportunity in the market.”