Lloyds reaches agreement with FSA

It will initiate a customer review and contact programme with regard to outstanding concerns with the variation of limits of some retail mortgage contracts.

This specifically relates to some Halifax mortgage customers, where the wording in the mortgage offer documents received by these customers had the potential to cause confusion.

The agreement with the FSA follows conversations between Lloyds Banking Group and the FSA to address this potential confusion. The relevant mortgages were written during 2004 - 2007 by Bank of Scotland plc under the 'Halifax' brand, and through the contact programme, goodwill payments will be made to affected customers.

To effect these goodwill payments, Bank of Scotland plc has applied for a Voluntary Variation of Permission (VVOP) to carry out the customer review and contact programme to bring it within section 404F (7) of FSMA 2000.

The Group is committed to running its business with the highest levels of integrity and treating its customers fairly and therefore believes that a proactive co-ordinated programme to identify affected customers and make goodwill payments is the appropriate course of action.

Lloyds Banking Group is making a provision of £500 million in relation to the contact programme within its 2010 accounts which is expected to fully cover the payments.