LifeSearch launches IP promise

To claim on ‘own occupation’ policies the holder has to demonstrate that they cannot work in their current role, whereas some other deals are less concrete.

Tom Baigrie, chief executive of LifeSearch, said: “Our expert advisers have always sought to recommend the most comprehensive solutions and the guarantee doesn’t change our advice process, but sometimes consumers are unwittingly seduced by inferior products with a lower cost.

“So we promise that as long as you are working, we will only recommend an Income Protection policy that will pay out if you’re unable to do your own job.

“People need to know that products vary but that their salary is properly protected with the right cover.”

With some cheaper policies the holder has to prove that they cannot perform a number of occupations from a list.

Baigrie added: “On average more than 90% of all IP claims are paid in the UK, however the public perception is that that number much lower.

“This campaign aims to highlight the different types of cover as well as improving consumer trust in protection.”