LifeLink Services Ltd receives MTA letter from FSA

Lifelink Services Limited is near to achieving its planned recruitment target for mortgage and GI appointed representatives (ARs), and expects to stop actively recruiting over the next couple of months.

Managing Director, Mike Gosnell, is responsible for compliance and setting up the web-based systems through which the network will operate. He said: “As a proposed network that applied for authorisation very soon after the opening date, we are delighted that our MTA is being issued. With this major milestone achieved, we can now focus our attention on growing the network membership. The network is based on a ‘keep it simple’ philosophy of providing maximum support with easy, web-based access that will appeal to ARs who want to work with a principal that will maintain a personal relationship at a sensible price.

Lifelink Services Limited also provides multi Principal arrangements for mortgage networks who do not have their own GI network, currently CMLS, Trustguard and V.I.P network, with more under discussion. In addition, the LifeLink Group provides brokers with access to IFA services from LifeLink Asset Management and a packaging service from SP Mortgage Administration.