L&G reaches 500,000 calls from Introducers

The Medical Underwriting Technical Advice Line, or MUTAL, gives advisers a direct line to experienced risk assessment staff allowing them to discuss cases before submitting the application. Advice is sought on a range of topics, including:

Age/Sum assured evidence requirements (including financial)

Medical evidence requirements/potential medical loadings

Residency queries

Occupation queries

Vocational queries

Adrian Clark, Chief Operating Officer for Protection said: "Understanding the evidence requirements, and whether there will be adverse terms applied, makes customer management easier. You can discuss the case in more detail with your customer at outset and if they do not wish to proceed there is no time wasted in completing and submitting an application. We've helped thousands and thousands of advisers give better service to their clients as a result of our helpline."

The MUTAL team receives an average of 250 calls every day.