L&G network hits £66bn of applications by 4th birthday

Gary Burchett, Managing Director of Housing at Legal & General said: "Our mortgage network has gone from strength to strength in the past four years whilst many others have disappeared. The financial security and support that we offer is a major attraction for advisers at a time when the industry is going through unprecedented change. Brokers know that they can come to us for cost-effective and strong compliance, but also for training and support to help them generate business and make the most of their revenue streams. Legal & General's mortgage network is very successful, building on our strength and experience in the housing market and maximising the strength of the Legal & General Group."

LGPSL's ARs all have access to Legal & General's award winning Mortgage Club as well as protection, general insurance and wealth management products. LGPSL mortgage applications represent 70% of the total of Mortgage Club applications.