Let’s name and shame

I would imagine that the lenders don’t seem to be interested, as I am assuming the Financial Services Authority (FSA) never acts upon anything printed in publications as we are only ‘having a whinge’ and what we think doesn’t count. I would like to see the opinion of the FSA if a member of the public was getting such shocking service. If this was the case, it would be highlighted on GMTV or Which?.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be the equivalent in our world of a ‘people’s champion’, so we will keep getting frustrated and just let the lenders get away with the shabby service we keep getting. Maybe one day in the not too distant future, if we all keep voicing our opinions loud enough, we will get the recognition that we deserve from these poor providers of service. After all, without us, they would find it difficult to obtain the levels of business that some of them get.

Maybe we should start a poll, naming and shaming the worst lenders in your publication and maybe the FSA will take notice. I won’t hold my breath.

Kind regards

Nigel Pamment
Inspirational Financial Management Ltd

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