Leeds launches 3-year fix from 3.45 per cent

The 3.45% rate is available up to 75% loan to value (LTV), at only 3.89% up to 80% LTV and at 5.29% up to 85% LTV. The society has also launched fees assisted versions of these products for those who require help with up front costs.

Kim Rebecchi, Leeds sales and marketing director, said: "These products provide a great opportunity to secure a fixed rate now, combined with certainty of payments and peace of mind. The 3-year term gives people the best of both worlds, as customers have security in the medium term but avoid being locked in for a long period. We have also unveiled fees assisted versions of the 3 year product, coupled with free valuations and legal services."

The fees assisted versions of the product, with free valuations and legals services for standard re-mortgages, are available at a rate of only 3.95% up to 75% LTV, at 4.39% up to 80% LTV and at 5.79% up to 85% LTV.