Leeds & Holbeck AIP integration with Trigold goes live

Advisors can now get instantaneous AIPs simply by selecting Leeds & Holbeck on the Trigold system.

The impressive range of functionality combined with the system's ease of use allows Leeds & Holbeck's existing intermediary customers to start taking advantage of the benefits that online AIPs provide. Trigold and Leeds & Holbeck also work closely on product validation to provide a tangible reassurance for all advisors.

Jeff Kirk, corporate relationship manager for Leeds & Holbeck says: "We spoke of our intention to integrate late last year and

are delighted to announce that this process has already been completed thanks to the flexibility of Trigold's technology and staff. This important technological step will further improve our service proposition to the intermediary market.

The speed and certainty of receipt that electronic integration provides will ensure that we continue to offer our intermediaries the efficiency and speed of service they expect from the

Leeds & Holbeck. We will continue to work with Trigold to add greater functionality and service to our Introducer customers over time."

Bill Safran, joint managing director for Trigold, said: "It has been a real pleasure working with Leeds & Holbeck on this integration. As our 67th integration the process is now pretty slick but it only works with the support and commitment from lenders such as Leeds & Holbeck. Over 20,000 Trigold users now have a seamless link from their preferred point of sale system directly to Leeds & Holbeck; cutting out all the hassle and time wasting that comes from re-keying data.

"We're looking forward to working with Leeds & Holbeck on

further technical integrations."