Leadreporter.com teams up with Leadbay

As a result it is now possible for advisers who buy leads from Leadbay to track their conversion rates, see clearly how much money they are making and follow their progress with each lead simply and easily.

Leadreporter.com will work across all ten different lead types that it is possible to buy from Leadbay; it will also give advisers the ability to bring leads from all other sources into one system, so they can be manage each lead and even compare conversion rates and to see how much has been earned from each lead, compared to how much has been spent out to get it. This will work for all leads, whether they are from Leadbay, other lead generators, web sites, Estate Agents or referrals.

Leadreporter.com also contains a tool for advisers to distribute the leads they get out to their sales team, enabling fair distribution and the ability to track how profitably each member of a sales force converts each lead. It also provides statistics on individual response times, efficiencies, and conversion rates, lead spend, revenue and, the ultimate, return on investment – so advisers can not only see which of their lead sources is working best for them, they can do the same with their sales force.

Leadreporter is available to Leadbay members at a special subsidised rate from just £20 per month.