Leadbay trials telephone qualified leads

To qualify the leads, Leadbay will actively phone borrowers after they’ve asked for advice, to ensure they are keen to speak to an adviser and are in a position to take out the mortgage that they have requested. This will provide an enhanced type of lead aimed to significantly increase advisers’ conversion rates and increase the amount of business they write.

To ensure the borrower is really in a position to take out a mortgage, Leadbay will not only confirm loan size and deposit, but will verify the source of the deposit stated by first-time buyers; the Leadbay team will also ask applicant for their income details. In addition, Leadbay will ensure that all borrower’s details are correct and reaffirm the person is genuinely looking to speak to a mortgage adviser.

Jonathan Barrett, Leadbay head of sales, said: “If the trial is successful we will be able to provide a new, enhanced type of lead for advisers. These will be ‘warm’ leads that are a step on from usual internet-generated leads and which should provide an even better conversion rate and a higher amount of income.”