Leadbay Loans launches at Expo

A champagne launch will take place at the Leadbay stand, no G42, at 11am on Tuesday. Chris Cummings will be conducting the launch ceremony.

Leadbay Loans follows the launch of Leadbay Mortgages in January 2005. Leadbay enables brokers to bid for the category of lead that they want. So brokers who are looking for clients in need of a loan will be able to specify, not only the post code area in which they would like the client to be, but also the size and type of loan required - and then receive their lead within seconds of the borrower requesting a phone call. This ‘pre-auction’ system ensures that a broker never pays more for a loan lead than the market price.

Leadbay Loans will cater for seven different loan types:

- Secured loans

- Adverse secured loans

- Unsecured home owner loans

- Adverse unsecured homeowner loans

- Tenant loans

- Adverse tenant loans

- Debt management leads

The Leadbay system has been developed around broker requirements and offers flexibility so that brokers can use the system as often or as little as they choose. There is no contract tying a broker in; therefore they don’t need to spend a minimum amount of money each month or buy a certain number of leads. It doesn’t matter if a broker takes a holiday for two weeks or two months – if they choose not to buy leads in that time there is no penalty.

Toby Hughes, business development manager at Leadbay, said: “This is the first time that a loans lead system such as this has existed for brokers. It will provide a really valuable resource for brokers to generate more business, at the times when they most need to. It has been designed with the broker’s requirements in mind so the Leadbay system is completely flexible and easy to use.”