Leadbay and Orbiter join forces

The Leadbay-Orbiter link-up will enable advisers not only to find a client that meets their needs but also a mortgage that meets their clients’ needs.

Leadbay leads will be delivered straight into Orbiter, ready for sourcing and processing. This will save advisers from having to enter all the details into a sourcing system manually as details of their Leadbay lead will automatically populate the Orbiter system.

This will put advisers in a much stronger position and will make it easier for them to make the initial call to the client. It should also increase conversion rates as the adviser will be able to start identifying a client’s needs and the most appropriate potential mortgage before they even speak to the client.

Commenting on the new partnership, Jonathan Barrett, head of sales for Leadbay, said: “We are always looking for ways of helping advisers make the most of their leads and the Orbiter partnership means that advisers will be able to carry out initial product sourcing before they make their first call to the client. This will help advisers to build rapport more quickly with a new client as well as save them time.”

Wayne Smethurst, managing director of Orbiter, said: “Response times are critical in managing leads so having a straight-through link for Leadbay will make a real difference. It’s all part of our aim to make life better for advisers.”