Landlords have their say at NLA forum

Dave Offord, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), gave a presentation on the implementation of the Act, outlining how the government intend local authorities to use their new powers and meet their new obligations. Elizabeth Brogan, Senior Policy Officer at the NLA spoke about aspects of the Housing Act other than licensing that affect the private-rented sector. Richard Gard, Policy Officer at the NLA, also talked about the licensing of Homes in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs).

In addition to NLA members and non-member landlords, the forum was attended by a number of regional landlords associations and regional housing federations, as well as residential property investors and managers.

"The forum was an excellent opportunity for attendees to hear presentations from those directly involved in implementing the Housing Act ", said NLA Chairman, David Salusbury. “Many landlords are deeply concerned over the further regulation to which they will be subject as a result of this legislation. The forum allowed landlords from across the UK to air their views and to discuss their main fears and concerns about how they will be affected. The ODPM representative noted down many of our members’ suggestions and has taken them back to government for further discussion. It was good to see our members having their say. ”

David Salusbury continues: "This was a very successful event with nearly all attendees calling for further forums to discuss those matters that affect the private rented sector. Many of the details of the Housing Act, particularly licensing of HMOs, are still unclear and although they found the forum helpful in clearing up many issues, the majority of landlords present left feeling more concerned than ever that the new regulations will affect them negatively. This is of real concern for the NLA, and we will continue to work vigorously to influence those areas of secondary legislation still under consideration and to help to ensure that balance is maintained between the rights of tenants and those of landlords.”

“It’s essential that landlords are positively encouraged to provide rented accommodation to meet the housing needs of what are often the most vulnerable members of the community.”