Katie Hopkins: Payday loans a “decent business model”

The Sun columnist was speaking on Channel Five’s The Big ‘Can’t Pay’ Debt Debate: Live, hosted by Nick Ferarri.

She was joined by a number of panellists who have struggled with debt, including comedian and TV host Jim Davidson and footballer Lee Hendrie, whose debt problems drove him to a suicide attempt.

In response to the comment from Hopkins one user, @Keelzz91, said: “Payday lenders should be illegal. People should be accountable for their debt. Katie Hopkins should shut up.”

On the other side of the coin however @itsjameslong came to her defence.

“For once I agree with Katie Hopkins. There are no alternatives to payday loans for people who need money quickly. Yet to hear an alternative.”

Hopkins later said on Twitter: “I don't worry about debt because I don't buy things I can't afford. We save for the future, insure against illness & tell kids 'no'. Simple.”