Is your list for Santa on the list for your insurer?

However, with cover for possessions taken outside the home scarce on many insurance policies, specialist insurer Hiscox warns January could be bleaker than usual for some people.

Research by Hiscox shows the standard household insurance policies offered by many well-known insurers offer no cover for items taken outside the home(1). This means anyone who has their new gift damaged, lost or stolen whilst on the move won’t be able to claim on their insurance if they have a standard policy. Therefore, Hiscox ( is urging anyone lucky enough to get an iPod, digital camera, Gucci bag or Tiffany necklace in their Christmas stocking to check if it is insured before heading outside with it.

Guy Knight, head of Hiscox’s Private Client Division, commented:

“Must-have gadgets and luxury designer goods are going to be very popular presents this year – the stores have stocked up on iPods and many designer bags are flying out of the shops. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a trend for spending quite a lot on items we regularly take out of the home, ranging from bags and jewellery to cameras and music players. Given that the vast majority of household policies will not, as standard, offer cover for any items taken out and about, we predict that many people will have to buy their presents again themselves should anything happen to them after they’ve been unwrapped.”

Who covers what

Standard household insurance policies will not cover items taken outside the home unless extra cover, at extra cost, has been arranged. Many of these insurers also require homeowners to specify the items to be covered outside the home(1).

Specialist policies, such as those offered by Hiscox, cover all items taken outside the home as standard – there is no need to pay an extra premium or to specify higher risk items, even if their value exceeds £1,000.

Guy Knight commented:

“If you regularly take expensive items out of the home, such as handbags, personal organisers or jewellery, you really do need to ensure it is covered wherever you go with it. Otherwise you might have to pay to replace it should it be damaged, lost or stolen. In the case of a standard insurance policy, this means paying an extra premium and listing any items worth £1,000 or more. This process can be quite laborious for anyone who takes a number of items out with them on a regular basis, so a policy like Hiscox’s which offers all-risks cover wherever you go in the UK or worldwide will be much more suitable.”

This year’s Christmas wish lists

For the high-tech gadget lover… Retail Price

Apple iPod 20GB £299.99

Panasonic DVD-LV60 portable DVD player £850.00

Pentax Opti S4 Digi Camera £380.00

Sony Cybershot DSCP10 £380.00

HP iPaq Pocket PC £499.99

Panasonic Sv-Av 100 pocket camcorder £1,000.00

For the style icon…

Gucci horse bit handbag £485.00

Tods camel tote bag £470.00

Christian Dior black saddle handbag £525.00

Mulberry red leather weekender bag £695.00

Mont Blanc Starwalker fountain pen £175.00

18ct gold Return to Tiffany tag necklace £1,525.00

Tiffany tag toggle link silver necklace £230.00

For the person who has everything…

Hermes green leather CD case £449.00

Patek Philippe world traveller watch £14,375.00

Cartier spiral amethyst ring £8,200.00

Tiffany Hearts platinum diamond charm bracelet £6,050.00

Tiffany Hearts diamond pendant £3,300.00

Hiscox offers home and contents insurance for higher value home owners which is designed to accommodate diverse lifestyle needs, including cover for possessions against loss, damage or theft either inside or outside the home. Hiscox policies also have higher cover limits than standard insurers across the board, including possessions left in cars and freezer contents, as well as the contents of outbuildings and items left outdoors.

Hiscox home and contents cover is available via a professional broker or direct via the internet or over the telephone*. For more information visit or email [email protected]

* Quotes and policies are available from or 0845 3309 505 (between the hours of 8.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday).