Investors should strike before market is hot, says property website

The investment site believes property prices will be at their best for anyone wanting to get into the buy-to-let market but purchasers should be quick as the experts predict a spring surge in house prices that will make the chance of finding a great property bargain much less likely.

Neil Lewis, director of, said: "We are seeing a strong UK economy, coupled with record rates of employment and with wage rises above the rate of inflation. Interest rates have peaked, or are very near their peak.

"But first-time buyers are holding back – they currently account for only 32 per cent of new mortgages. The long-term average is 44 per cent.

"They will head back into the market in the spring, which is traditionally when the market picks up anyway. 2005 will therefore have a double spring boost."

He added: "The sharp investor will strike now or early in the New Year when the best property bargains are still to be had."