Investors confident FTSE will rise

Almost two thirds of investors (62 per cent) have faith in the FTSE and believe it will rise over the next three months. A further one in ten (9 per cent) believe it will stay the same.

The poll did however reveal nearly a third of respondents (29 per cent) are not feeling so optimistic - believing the FTSE will go down over the next three months.

Barbara-Ann King, Head of Proposition at Barclays Stockbrokers says: "Despite market turmoil over the last few weeks with the FTSE experiencing dramatic falls we have seen our clients continue to take advantage of market conditions to gain returns. It is encouraging so many investors are confident the FTSE will rise over the next three months; despite uncertainty, our survey shows that investors are confident that the FTSE will bounce back."

After early falls this morning, when the FTSE 100 fell to just above 3600 which was down nearly 5% on the day, it has now bounced back and is now trading at around 3850, which is less than 1% down on the day.