Intelligent Finance reduces fixed rates

Brian Ewing, Head of Intermediary Sales at Intelligent Finance, said: "Largely there has been a steady fall in swap rates in recent months. This has delivered cost savings to us which are now being reflected in a repricing of our fixed rate product range. This new pricing significantly improves our standing in the fixed rate Best Buy Tables for both two and five year fixed rate products."

Intelligent Finance has four fixed rate mortgages – giving brokers the flexibility to choose from 2 or 5 year deals and preferred loan to value, as follows:

Mortgage Product: Loan To Value Interest Rate Arrangement Fee APR

Fixed 80 until 01.10.07 Up to 80% 4.49% £299 5.9%

Fixed 80 until 01.10.10 Up to 80% 4.79% £299 5.7%

Fixed 95 until 01.10.07 Up to 95%* 4.89% £499 6.0%

Fixed 95 until 01.10.10 Up to 95%* 4.99% £499 5.8%

* Up to 90% LTV for remortgages

The bank has also amended the special rate periods on all offset and tracker rate mortgages with the special rate period now extended, depending on the product type, to 1 October 2007, 1 October 2008 or 1 October 2010. Intelligent Finance's tracker rate mortgage range starts at 4.99% and the offset range starts at 5.19%. On the bank's offset and tracker rate mortgages, there are no early repayment charges during the special rate period (normal mortgage discharge fee applies).