Intelliflo launches MMR ‘MOT’

John Penn, head of mortgage proposition, Intelliflo said: “With the recent transformations in the mortgage market, this document will serve as an extremely useful tool for any mortgage adviser wishing to assess the impact the MMR has had on their business.

“This guide will enable advisers to effectively identify the pain points that have followed on from the implementation of the MMR, and allow them to address them effectively.”

The MOT, which is available for free, is split into four categories.

The guide includes key questions that mortgage advisers need to focus on when looking after their relationships, testing their processes, refining their strategies and implementing their technology.

In the technology category questions revolve around how mortgage advisers are ensuring they remain compliant in a cost and time effective manor, as well as whether they have the tools they need to analyse, understand and improve their business.

Penn added: “While most mortgage advisers agree that the MMR is positive for the mortgage market, they are now experiencing a period of adjustment where lenders and mortgage advisers are both establishing the best ways of working within this new dynamic.

“Our MMR MOT aims to help advisers assess how they have responded to these changes and embrace the opportunities that the new regulation has brought in.”