Infinity enhances product range

The range includes the following:

- 1 year discounts from 4.85%

- 2 year fixed and 3 year stepped discounts with no overhanging redemption penalties:

- 3 yr stepped discounts from 5.1%

- 2 year fixed rates from 6.45%

- All lending criteria enhanced and simplified

- No loading for remortgages

- Reduced 100% rental cover on buy to let

- Right to buy remortgages available in pre-emption period after 1 year

- Completion fees reduced to £499

- 1% procuration fee paid (fees paid twice weekly)

Chris MacMahon, Sales Director at Infinity Mortgages, said: “Competition in the sub-prime mortgage market is becoming intense and these enhancements to our product range will ensure Infinity Mortgages stays at the front of the market. Many of our products are now 1% cheaper and we no longer load for remortgages.

"More than 70% of our business is now submitted online thanks to Infinet, our comprehensive web based solution for intermediaries. It provides KFI’s, application submission and case tracking facilities and £50 off application fees.”