Industry reacts to Scottish referendum

Mark Hayward, managing director, National Association of Estate Agents, said Scotland will be the major benefactor of the vote and said it’s good news for the Scottish housing market.

He said: "With the outcome now certain and Scotland voting to remain part of the United Kingdom, we can expect to see some positive movement in the Scottish housing market - good news for Scottish estate agents and their customers who can now look forward to a less frenetic housing discussion and market.

"Although the outcome does not necessarily guarantee clarity for the market, the mist of ambiguity will clear much earlier than if the outcome to Scottish independence was 'Yes'.

Therefore, there is likely to be a substantial increase in market activity in the coming months, with an increase seen in the volume of sales and investments. This could disrupt house prices in the short-term, although not significantly. The existing concerns around increases in interest rates and a significant hike in stamp duty will undoubtedly have a bigger impact over the next 12 months."

David Ogilvie, head of policy and public affairs at the Chartered Institute of Housing said the implications for both housing and welfare policy north of the border could be massive.

He said: “This historic vote has huge implications not just for housing and welfare policy in Scotland, but for the economic environment in which we operate. It will also have a big impact on the rest of the UK, so we look forward to working with both the Scottish and Westminster governments as the details emerge.

“Before the referendum, more than three-quarters of the CIH members we surveyed in Scotland told us that neither side of the debate had clearly explained the implications for the future of housing. That needs to be remedied fast.

“In this country there are currently around 185,000 people on the social housing waiting list and according to the Poverty and Social Exclusion project nearly one million Scots cannot afford adequate housing.

“We therefore need the Scottish government to move quickly to set out clear plans for housing in Scotland – it is simply too fundamental an issue to ignore."


In an email this morning Prime Minister David Cameron told supporters: "The people of Scotland have spoken. It is a clear result. They have kept our country of four nations together.

"Like millions of other people, I'm delighted. It would have broken my heart to see our United Kingdom come to an end.

"And that sentiment was shared by people not just across our country, but also around the world - because of what we've achieved together in the past and what we can do together in the future.

"So now it is time for our United Kingdom to come together, and to move forward.

"We have a chance - a great opportunity - to change the way the British people are governed, and change it for the better.

"Political leaders on all sides must work together to advance the interests of people in Scotland, as well as those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

"Because it is absolutely right that a new and fair settlement for Scotland should be accompanied by a new and fair settlement that applies to all parts of the United Kingdom.

"I have long believed that a crucial part missing from this national discussion is England.

"We have heard the voice of Scotland - and now the millions of voices of England must not go ignored.

"So, just as Scotland will vote separately in the Scottish Parliament on their issues of tax, spending and welfare, so too England, as well as Wales and Northern Ireland, should be able to vote on these issues - and all this must take place in tandem with, and at the same pace as, the settlement for Scotland.

"This referendum has caught the imagination of people across the whole of our United Kingdom.

"Now we must look forward, and turn this into the moment when everyone - whichever way they voted - comes together to build a better, brighter future for our entire United Kingdom.

"And I want to know what you think - so please leave a message on my Facebook page and tell me your views on these crucial matters."