Increasing number of first time buyers is a real positive from the NAEA survey

The research also showed that the number of sales per agent rose for the first time since January from an average of five sales in August to six in September.

Chris Brown, president of the NAEA, comments: "It is clear that certain factors are in motion within the property market, with a decision being made on stamp duty last month, but this is still not enough. As property prices continue to drop the Government needs to take action and make some drastic changes to restore confidence.

"It is evident from the results that despite some positive indicators, consumers are still cautious with many continuing to adopt a wait and see attitude and are only moving if it is necessary. Those who are not desperate to move are staying put in their homes and waiting for some stability to be restored across all sections of the market.

"First time buyers however, seem to be returning. This is most likely due to the Government's decision on stamp duty last month. Whilst the announcement is not applicable to all regions across the UK, it might have had an affect on this market group. For those first time buyers who have the correct finances in place, now is the perfect time to buy a home. However, the NAEA continue to urge the Government to review the market holistically and offer this group a stamp duty holiday."