IMLA reveals government scepticism

IMLA research stated that 52 per cent of members had very little confidence in the government’s housing policy. However, the study showed that competition was the key issue threatening the future of their organisations, with 2 per cent of the belief that government policy was a key issue over the next 12 months.

15 per cent of IMLA members also stated that the introduction of Home Information Packs (HIPs) had led to a decline in the number of sales, while 35 per cent argued that HIPs had caused an increase in the number of properties on the market.

Peter Williams, executive director at IMLA, said: “There is scepticism regarding the government’s ambitions regarding affordable homes and support for the provision of long-term fixed rate loans. Lenders believe that the market, and not the government, can best provide for people’s housing needs.”

Hugh Nichols, partner at Badbury Berkeley Financial Services, said: “We are naturally sceptical of politicians. Government talk is free, but action is expensive.”