ifs improves structure

Formerly, the qualification consisted of two compulsory modules:

Regulated Customer Care (TCF-based) and Supervising in a Regulated Environment; advisers then selected a third module from a range of product-based options including: Lifetime Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages and Alterative Residential Lending (incorporating niche and specialist loans)

Now advisers only need to complete one compulsory module: Regulated Customer Care and then select two more modules from a whole range, one of which must be in the compulsory band A.

In addition, the brand-new Regulated Complaints Handling module has now been incorporated into the band B options, so that advisers can complete this qualification as part of Advanced CeMAP® if they wish.

“We have already had an overwhelming response to the new Regulated Complaints Handling module,” commented Mark Roberts, Head of Faculty Financial Regulation and Corporate & Academic relationship management. “I believe that this new structure will give advisers the range of options they need to operate at any level within the regulated sales arena.”