ifs announces TCF masterclass

The event, to be held on 7 September, will look at how mortgage intermediaries can implement the TCF guidelines set out by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Designed around a business school element, the event is aimed at senior executives looking to enhance their skills. The masterclass will look at the key parts of TCF, highlighting practical ways of implementing these principles effectively and profitably. The classes will also give participants the opportunity to discuss the impact of TCF on the industry and how the regulation affects different firms.

Mark Roberts, head of faculty financial regulation at ifs, said the events would be popular for senior executives looking to further understand FSA requirements for their staff. He said: “The FSA has made it clear that TCF will continue to be a key issue in 2006. Our members have found these masterclasses to be of great benefit to themselves and their organisations as they work towards incorporating the principles of TCF in everything that they do.”

Mike Pendergast, IFA at Zen Financial Services, welcomed ifs’ decision to launch further TCF masterclasses, but was unsure how many senior executives the event would attract. He commented: “Most of TCF is common sense but it is always good to have the opportunity to clarify exactly what is required. Having said that, I am not sure how much take up the TCF masterclass will have, as many firms will have their own training sorted out and have their own way of tackling the TCF principles. I’m sure some will attend, but I don’t think the class will be considered by that many people.”