IFA Census Goes Live January 2004

The decision to go ahead with a nationwide census was taken following a successful pilot that secured support from the many AIFA members who participated.

IFA Census, which goes live in January 2004, will be a monthly survey of IFA opinions and attitudes, which will focus on those topical business issues which are of most interest to IFAs. In time, both NMG and AIFA hope that the Census will become a definitive source of IFA opinion, which will consolidate much of the existing research in the IFA market. This would then free IFAs from having to complete the plethora of surveys and questionnaires which are currently targeted at them.

IFAs (who are AIFA members) will be able to complete the survey via the AIFA web site or by telephone. Participation will give IFAs access to highlights of the research and will also give them the chance to win one of a number of monthly prizes being sponsored by NMG.

David Burns, Director of NMG Research, who is managing the Census, said, "We were really encouraged by the pilot results which showed that 9 in 10 AIFA members who took part in the survey, felt they would benefit from IFA Census. We hope many IFAs will regularly participate in the Census. We estimate that users of the survey can expect at least 300 responses from IFAs each month. The Census will be a valuable source of information for anyone working with the IFA channel".

Paul Smee, AIFA's Director General, said,

"IFA Census is an important initiative which should benefit us all. IFAs are inundated with surveys from product providers and other organisations. We would hope that once the Census is firmly established, it will become a primary source of information for all those with an interest in the IFA sector."

NMG and AIFA are keen to encourage IFAs to pre-register with the Census. NMG will donate £2.50 to "Crisis at Christmas" (a charity for the homeless) for each person that registers to take part in the Census - via the AIFA web site, telephone or by post, by 9 January 2004.

Any organisation interested in receiving information about IFA Census should contact NMG Research on: 01780 761380.