Huge rise in weather-related insurance claims

This is according to research from which showed that in the last year alone, storm related home insurance claims have risen by 68% overall, with policy holders in Central Scotland 117% more likely to claim for a storm.

Storms are not the only weather conditions affecting home insurance claims with lightning striking twice for 1 in 10 unlucky UK residents; particularly in Wales and the West where people are 89% more likely to be hit by lightning than the UK average. Surprisingly, London, known for its lack of green space is the area that is 47% more likely to make claims due to falling trees.

The research showed that:

  • There has been a 68% rise in home insurance storm claims
  • Lightning strikes twice for almost 1 in 10 lightning claimants
  • If you live in Wales and West you are 89% more likely to have a claim due to lightening
  • If you live in Yorkshire you are 143% more likely to have a claim due to a flood
  • If you live Central Scotland you are 117% more likely to have a claim due to a storm
  • If you live in London you are 47% more likely to have a claim due to a falling tree
Commenting, Mark Gabriel, head of home insurance said: "The consequences of having insufficient home cover are potentially severe. Many insurers will offer home emergency cover as an optional extra on their contents policies - you will either be charged extra on your standard annual premium, or pay a monthly subscription fee. But make sure you shop around for cover as premiums can vary greatly between providers.”