Hope Capital increases lending tenfold

In the first two months of the year the bridging lender completed two of its largest loans ever, including a £3.3m refurbishment loan.

Jonathan Sealey, its chief executive, said: “Hope Capital started in 2011 as a family run business. Our lending figures for the start of this year reflect just how far we have come in this time.

“We receive frequent feedback that brokers appreciate the flexibility that we offer.

"Because we have our own funds and are not reliant on an external credit committee we can judge every case on its own merits rather than having to stick to a rulebook, we can make loan offers and release funds in a very short space of time."

Hope Capital’s loan book doubled in 2014 – but if 2015 continues the way it has started this could increase tenfold.

Sealey added: “The business has doubled in size in the last year but we are niche enough that every broker can always speak to a director at any time if they require.

“The bridging market is still expanding and the surety of service that we can offer at Hope Capital appears to be in growing demand.”