Homeowners keen to go green

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Bournemouth, Gordon Brown announced that the number of low and zero-carbon emission homes will double. This forms part of the initiative to build 240,000 new homes each year “in places and ways that respect our green spaces and the environment”.

The research highlights that this is a welcome proposal with a large number of people looking to express their green credentials in the type of house they buy. The majority (85 per cent) of Britons considering buying an eco-friendly home, suggesting that the demand for these properties will be high.

Almost three in five Britons (59 per cent) would consider buying a house with solar panels, 40% would opt for a carbon neutral house and 33 per cent would like to buy a house made totally from locally sourced materials. Only 18 per cent said they were not interested in buying an eco-friendly house.

When it comes to buying an eco-friendly home it’s the over 45’s that are leading the green agenda.

Key aspects of an eco-home that appeal include: Buying solar panels (64 per cent), a timber framed house (32 per cent) or a property that is fully carbon neutral (42 per cent).

When it comes to living the eco-dream, people in the North East are those most likely to look beyond energy issues and focus on food self sufficiency - research reveals that 18 per cent of Geordies said they would look for a property that had livestock.

Ruth Wilkins, head of communications for Legal & General's general insurance business said, "There is clearly a demand for the green homes proposed by Gordon Brown yesterday, showing that the environmental agenda is starting to influence the choices people make with respect to their homes.

"At Legal & General we not only care about the impact we have on the environment, but as a leading household insurer we are also concerned that we understand how environmental changes are impacting on our customers' homes and their home insurance needs. The Changing Face of British Homes’ research is helping us to gain a better understanding so we along with the industry, is able to respond to these changing needs."