Homebuyers shouldn’t cut corners on home surveys

She said basic lender’s standard valuations often fail to pick up fundamental problems with homes.

Dry rot has been one of the most common problems lately, as one unfortunate homeowner had to pay £30,000 to repair and treat dry rot which wasn't picked up in the initial survey.

Older, listed, period of unusual properties in particular are earmarked as homes that should demand full building surveys.

Love said: “It’s vital homebuyers get the relevant survey to avoid the risk of facing a huge bill at a later date.

“Far too often this year have I seen home owners face unnecessary expense and stress after a basic survey failed to pick up fundamental problems with the properties in question.

“One woman was left with a £30,000 bill after a £300 survey failed to recognise a problem that would’ve been identified with the help of a professional after a full building survey for £1,000.

“I can’t stress enough that homeowners must establish with a surveyor before the inspection that they are willing to take questions afterwards and go through the documents to explain the real issues.

“Enlisting the help of your lawyer for the necessary legal advice and cover in case of future problems is also highly recommended.”