Home of Choice chooses Blu Debt

Blu has carried out a series of events around the UK to more than 600 Home of Choice advisers.

Blu will provide Home of Choice appointed representatives with debt management options for their clients, together with a full service of back up and product support and even a marketing toolbox to help advisers make potential clients aware of the wide range of services that they can now provide.

Home of Choice chose to add Blu Debt Management to their panel because of its ethical approach to Treating Customers Fairly providing them with help when needed.

James Briggs, sales director for Blu Debt Management said, “We received a fantastic response from Home of Choice appointed representatives, who were very positive about the outlook for 2010 and saw Blu’s debt solution proposition not only as a value-added service to provide to their clients but something that will enable them to diversify.

“It is usually the case that once a borrower has decreased their debts and reduced the amount they have to pay out each month, an adviser can use some of the money the consumer has saved to put life and protection policies in place so the consumer is protected from debt in the future. This both helps the consumer and provides the adviser with a new source of income.”