Holiday homes from Hiscox

The Hiscox plan is written in English, unlike some foreign insurance schemes, and offers both a 24 hour claims helpline and emergency travel expenses.

Kevin Kerridge, director of Hiscox Direct, said: "In the hunt for a reasonable deal, many holiday home owners have opted for local policies written in a language they may not fully grasp. If something goes wrong with their property, the owners can be left exposed because they may not fully understand what their policy covers. Making a claim can also mean expensive calls overseas to sort out the problem and difficult conversations if you are not fluent in your chosen country’s language.

“The benefits of a policy in English literally speak for themselves. If you are stuck with a policy you don’t understand, you are unlikely to have any idea of the pitfalls you might face. There are usually a lot of terms and conditions and Hiscox recommends you get to grips with what is and what is not covered, especially if you are thinking of lending or renting out your home to family, friends or strangers."