HLP partners with Air Academy to provide free membership to later-life advisers

HLP advisers will have an annual membership to the CPD training platform

Later-life lending platform Air has announced its partnership with HLPartnership (HLP), a mortgage broker, through its CPD training platform, Air Academy. This is to help improve HLP’s offerings to its later-life advisers.

“At HLP, we are dedicated to ensuring our network’s members can improve their business through industry-leading CPD courses and by accessing high-quality resources,” said Shaun Almond, managing director at HLP.

As HLP is the first major network to enter an exclusive partnership with Air Academy, the collaboration is aimed to increase the standards for members who provided guidance on equity release products.

“Our exclusive partnership with Air Academy – an industry first – will equip our advisers to stay in lockstep with evolving regulations so they can deliver the very best outcomes to customers. It’s an exciting moment in our shared history, and we are looking forward to our network making the most of Air Academy’s top flight services,” said Almond.

What does the partnership entail?

Through the partnership, HLP advisers that have later life lending permission will be given an annual membership to Air Academy. Every 12 months, they will be re-tested regarding their knowledge of the market to ensure that they are updated about the new and developing training modules in the industry.

They will be able to access Air Academy’s knowledge bank and marketing hub as well as be mandated to undertake Air Academy courses, will have access to nine of its modules which included the vulnerability module and be able to access free evaluations (MOTs) which can help them identify areas where they need to further develop and improve.

The platform also offers proc fees equalisation and more opportunities for CPD. It is also set to introduce an enhanced fact find feature that is fully approved and supported by HLP. Air Academy will be offering the standard option which gives advisers the ability to skip or add questions in a set questionnaire framework. However, it will also offer a corporate partner endorsed option.

This option will have additional questions which will have soft facts from the customer. It will have more mandatory options to support affordability purposes and will also allow users to add questions and use templates across the varying versions.

“Air is proud to offer HLP’s talented network of advisers full access to Air Academy. It’s an industry first, and a strong step towards ensuring all later-life lending advisers have unmitigated access to the most effective tools for delivering the best possible service to their customers, while being compliant with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations,” said Paul Glynn, Air’s CEO.

“As we all know, the Consumer Duty is an ongoing commitment, and one we can readily meet by embracing the best educational resources our industry has to offer,” he added.

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