HIPs experience smooth roll-out

The study showed that 89 per cent of the 70-plus estate agents questioned were prepared for the introduction of HIPs. However, Easier2move said this could well be down to the fact that just 18 per cent sold substantial volumes of HIPs.

Easier2move noted that the only real problem seen in the initial launch was that 43 per cent of consumers showed a reluctance to pay for the packs.

Karen Babington, sales and marketing director at Easier2move, commented: “This reluctance may be due to the lack of payment options offered by some HIP providers, as we have not seen widespread consumer resentment to these packs, as well offering payment on completion.

We believe that this is due to the fact that the government and industry have not communicated the benefits of these products clearly to consumers. This view is backed up by our research, as 86 per cent of agents felt that ‘the government hasn’t helped with the consumer confusion’ about HIPs.”

Richard Sexton, business development director of e.surv, said: “Consumers’ reluctance to pay is likely to be the short-term case. To a certain extent the government has removed a lot of the value of the packs for consumers by removing the Home Condition Report, so I can understand the reluctance.”

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