High Net Worth Individuals signal bleak outlook for UK

Of those surveyed 39% thought next year would be more difficult than this year while 18% were unable to make a decision either way.

Matthew Parden, managing director of Duncan Lawrie Private Bank, said the uncertainties of 2012, such as the crisis in Europe and continued problems in the banking sector, had eroded consumer trust in the industry even further.

He said: “Clearly while high net worth individuals benefit from a certain level of financial security the results indicate another flat year for the majority of people in the UK who have suffered the same economic challenges in recent years. The results signal a strong need for banks to reconnect with their customers to help and support them through challenging times.”

And the survey concluded for the less well off, squeezed middle classes as well as the affluent who have less financial security in the form of savings and investments, the results would suggest a potentially more negative outlook for the year ahead.

Parden added: “The banks’ main aim now should be to work with and help clients plan for a more fruitful 2013.”