Haunted houses spook house buyers

A home in which a murder took place could experience a significant drop or increase in potential resale value, depending on individual buyers’ interests.

A seafront thatched property in West Sussex, was the scene of a murder around 15 years ago when a wife was killed by her husband using a champagne bottle. Despite being an extremely desirable property, the house could not be sold.

On the other end of the spectrum, Newcastle’s oldest buildings, a 14th century timber framed pub, is said to be haunted by the spirit of Henry Hardwick, a ghostly figure seen late at night with only black sockets for eyes.

RICS valuer David Downing examined the property around 18 months ago and while the stories of the historic building’s haunted past did not add value, it had increased the marketability of the building.

Jeremy Leaf, spokesman for RICS, said: “While many factors can affect a property’s value, unusual occurrences such as rumoured hauntings, celebrity inhabitants or high profile crimes can have a significant affect on a house’s saleability.

“A high-profile crime which has attracted a lot of media attention can have a significant impact on a property’s worth, albeit usually temporarily.”