Genesis announces growth to its packaging network

Banking-Insurance Services, based in the North East of Scotland, are the latest to be added to the continually growing network of packaging companies located throughout the country, having the benefit of being able to offer their intermediaries the full range of Genesis branded products and services, whilst retaining control over the packaging of the business.

Paul Bennington, General Manager of Banking-Insurance Services said, ”We are looking forward to promoting the Genesis range to our intermediary partners, which offer a valuable choice of sub-prime solutions, and we are very proud to have been chosen to provide the services offered by the Genesis brand."

For Genesis, this method of distribution has the continued benefit of ensuring that their products are available to the widest possible audience, and by carefully selecting who can become a packaging network member, Genesis can ensure the business written is of a standard that will enable a fast turnaround of mortgage offers on behalf of their funding partners.

Nigel Gardner, Business Development Director at Genesis Home Loans plc said, "I am delighted that we have appointed Paul and his team to our network, as it is through this packaging network that we are able to promote our products to the market place and continue to build on our reputation as a highly competitive mortgage provider with enviable service standards."

Genesis Home Loans now has over 50 satellite packagers with branded lending agreements in place with GMAC, Mortgages plc, Platform and Rooftop. It hopes to make an announcement about other partners shortly.