Further 30 surveyors graduate Countrywide trainee scheme

The scheme saw 85% of participants achieve a pass grade against the overall industry level of just below 70%.

Paul Chapman, managing director of Countrywide Surveying Services, said: “Once again, I am absolutely delighted by the level of success we have achieved which is a real testament to the sheer hard work and determination of the trainees themselves but also the quality of the training and support that we have been able to provide.

“This has been a substantial investment for us. With the positive support and approval of our key clients, the additional capacity provided by our newly qualified surveyors will further assist our service proposition.”

Countrywide Surveying Services has worked closely with its clients to demonstrate and agree the qualification process along with the control structure that has been implemented for its newly qualified team.

Each of the trainees has had the benefit of being mentored by local experienced surveyors during their training and even when qualified they have been subject to the further rigours of the Countrywide specific competency framework which is over and above the base requirements of the RICS qualification.